Open Drone ID Bluetooth* implementations demonstrated positive results on both Texas Instruments* (TI) CC2640R2F and Nordic Semiconductor* nRF52840 families of products.  As more devices are verified, we will provide links on this page.  The requirement for the transceiver is that it must support Bluetooth* 4.2,  Bluetooth 5 Advertising Extensions, and Bluetooth 5 Long Range mode (LE Coded Phy, 125kbps).

A Wi-Fi Aware* solution is also included in the ASTM standard. This should work with any Wi-Fi adapters that have software support for the Wi-Fi Aware* Neighbor Awareness Networking* Specification.

Developer Boards

Nordic Semiconductor*

The Nordic* nRF52840-DK developer board to be a great platform for getting started with development.  The kit includes the necessary tools needed for proper coding and debugging.

For sample deployments, the small USB Dongle is very convenient for quickly deploying your software to a small test form factor.  Also, for even smaller form factors, several integrated modules exist to provide a healthy ecosystem of products to get started quickly.

Laird* BL654

Laird* BL654PA (w/Integrated Power Amplifier that brings the power from 8dbm to 18dbm)

Texas Instruments*

The TI Launchpad* (LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2) developer board with onboard debugger also provides a platform for coding and debugging your solution.

TI Bluetooth 5 Info

Laird* has some modules that integrate the TI solution.

Integrated Modules using the CC2640R2F: